November 19, 2012

Carrot Souffle

I am thankful to the Lord for sides dishes that are better than turkey.
I am thankful for friends who tried the funky orange dish — is it sweet potatoes? is it carrots? — at PreThanksgiving Thanksgiving and  got word of the discovery of its tastiness to me down the 28-person table. --> -->

I am thankful for friends down the street who open their home, and for the gloriousness of blue sky and autumn leaves and sunshine I got to joyously embrace as I walked to and from said home. 
I am thankful that crunchy, dense carrots can be cooked and then rid of their pungent carrot-i-ness and fluffed up into a dessert-like souffle.

I am thankful to have the gift of solitary time to think as I washed, peeled, chopped and boiled two pounds of carrots.
And on a slightly unrelated note, I am thankful for roommate humor in my kitchen.

November 11, 2012

Loaded Potato Salad+Tailgate

What I Learned about Tailgating this Weekend

What I get excited about:
Loaded  Potato Salad
(a cold version of sour cream+green onion+cheddar+bacon!bacon!bacon! goodness, with some roasted red potatoes hidden in there somewhere)
 recipe at bottom of post
 Football-Style Outrageous Brownies
What my mom gets excited about:
decor, team colors, team-colored jelly beans, orange "spa" water, tablecloths and flowers

All of the above is periphery to what my dad and his friends do when they tailgate sans females most of the season.

This is what the guys got excited about:
Meat! Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

Pork Tenderloin
(And more meat not pictured! Ahi tuna bites, burgers, ham sandwiches, deer sausage, brats.)

 Most eaten non-meat item: 
Grilled red onions, bell pepper and baby portabella mushrooms
 The plate for one of like 15 continous meals: 
Sliced Pork Tenderloin Sandwich with Barbecue Sauce and Grilled Onions/Peppers/Shrooms
(a combo to definitely be repeated)
Morale of the story: We all like to eat good food, so it works out well, especially on a gorgeously 70-degree sunny autumn day. Oh, and everyone else watched and talked about football.