April 26, 2016

Bavarian Cream Cake

One magical day, homemade layers of chocolate cake and creamy something or other appeared in my fridge, courtesy of my roommate's church dinner. Maybe it was because I had suffered through consuming overly sweet icing from a local bakery that most of the world just loves (and I really don't understandit's not made with butter, people), but lightly sweet cream opened a new world of cake combos reminiscent of trifle for me.

Within a week, I had tracked down the recipe, which turned out to be a combination of whipping cream, cream cheese and surprise ingredient brown sugar, and made it for myself with my favorite chocolate cake recipe. The recipe calls for refrigerating it 8 hours, but the longer you leave it in the fridge, the more wonderfully the cake melds with the cream, bettering with age. 

I also have this recipe to thank for inspiration to ice cake with Nutella cream. Maybe that will make it to the blog next, since all I seem to blog about is variations on cake these days.

March 23, 2016

Oatmeal Cookie-Topped Brownies

On an Alabama "snow day," meaning it might possibly snow and so everyone goes home, I'm attempting to do my job from my couch in PJ pants late on a Friday afternoon, and all I can think about is baking warm and cozy chocolate something. I'm thinking brownies, I'm thinking cookies, I'm thinking... brownie cookies.

Soon I move a room over to delve into my ridiculous stash of chocolate chips and butter, whip these guys up and tote them down the street ready-to-bake for a super girly night with the March girls. (Side note: If you are female and haven't read or watched Little Women, it will make you feel almost as warm and cozy as this oatmeal cookie-brownie combo.)

Verdict: The oatmeal dough makes the rich brownie not as overwhelming and adds a bit of buttery nuttiness to the extremity of chocolate. They will be made again.

January 22, 2016

Apple-Cranberry Baked Oatmeal

Every time I go, I wonder why it's taken me so long to come back. And sometimes that's just five days. The serenity of the lake puts my soul at ease and creates spaces for quality time like none other.

So far, baked oatmeal has a similar track record.

My newest version is packed with cold-weather season flavors and textures. Apples and cranberries add sweet-tartness, pecans a nutty crunch and orange zest a refreshing citrusy flair throughout. So wondrous was the influence of the zest that I was compelled to invest in the house's very own zester. (Yes, quality kitchen tools really are quite exciting.)
Because my mother is almost as fastidious about Tuesday-Thursday nail nights as I am about baking from scratch.
 Bonus: Because winter masqueraded as spring for so long, we enjoyed our oats on the deck that boasts my favorite view.
 The next time I was lake-bound, I brought my zester and vowed to come back sooner.

More Baked Oatmeal: The Strawberry Kind
Even More Grainy Breakfast Delight: Whole Grain Strawberry Breakfast Cake

November 22, 2015

Chocolate Cake Parfaits (All from Scratch, Of Course)

It started with a tragically cracked cake layer. But it's okay. I fixed it by burying it in pieces under homemade chocolate pudding. And homemade pudding elevates the status of anything by 409 percent, make that 1,409 percent when it's also layered with Kahlua whipped cream.

And who needs a three layer cake when you can have a two layer one and then parfaits for your next party that week? Right? Right.

It turned out to be such a pretty little thing in a tea cup, thanks to the genius of my roommate. She not only shares her growing teacup collection but also had the idea for the cracked cake redemption. And she assembled these creamy party pleasers with me late at night, and that's just one part of her dinner party partner skill set.

Oh, and I must give credit to my other roommate for use of her glasses when we ran out of teacups. Yes, they have cats on them. No, I am not a fan of cats. Yes, I did it any way because they were like large Seasons 52 dessert glasses. Finally, my third (yes, third) roommate gets credit for affirming the supremacy of the taste and presentation of both forms of parfait.

Note: Layering creamy things in tall, skinny glasses is more challenging than short, squatty tea cups.

Homemade Chocolate Cake+Homemade Chocolate Pudding+Kahlua Whipped Cream even wowed my favorite sugar cookie-over-chocolate chip cookie-choosing friend (what kind of taste is that?).  She even took a second one home. It also puts to shame all those brownie trifles I made with instant pudding and Cool Whip before I became such a homemade snob.

Oh, and you could sub in brownies or cookie crumbs for the cake on this recipe. I first made them with Chocolate Chip Cookie pieces because that's what I had leftover.

August 6, 2015

Greek Layer Dip

For way too long I thought there were two kinds of appetizers: 1. decadent, delicious ones and 2. less-than-exciting healthy ones, generally a veggie tray.

And then I discovered hummus. And then I discovered fancified hummus as inspired by 1990s Seven Layer Mexican Dip. Suddenly, there was a new category called Maybe Veggies Can Meet A Bit of Decadence.
Really this is all you need to know: Hummus. Simplified Tzatziki Sauce. Cucumber. Tomato. Black Olives. AND Feta.

It's a really refreshing  way to transition in between lake time and dinnertime in Alabama summertime humidity.

July 26, 2015

Summer Gratitude: 2015 Edition

This season I have been grateful for...

For grilled summer goodness salads, friends to enjoy them and sunsets to round out the perfection.
For the height of berry season and a celebratory Amaretto-and-cream-laden trifle worth repeating every year.

For composting reward system success.

For the Saturday night meal for two (or three or four) I have perfected, this time in one pan to-go.
For the best time in life to buy kitchen accessories for friends.
For coworkers awesome enough for me to want to create tedious chocolate chip typography on the best cupcakes ever.
For post-kitchen clean-out satisfaction that comes with the bitter-sweet of house transitions.

May 28, 2015

A French-Inspired Meal, A Better-than-Bachlorette-Inspired Weekend

On Friday night we went to Paris. The occasion? Bachelorette does not describe it, although we were celebrating a bride-to-be. There was no gaudy outfitting and masquerading around town. We simply ate our way through her favorite places without leaving the most peaceful party house in the woods there is.

We started with fancy cheese and a French red.

(The next night our resident charcuterie artist worked her magic in Italy, but it was so pretty I had to put it here amidst France.)

This was our menu for the weekend. From Paris we went to the bride's breakfast room for waffles and cheddar cheese (yep, you heard me right) and then to our beloved city for chicken salad and the best fresh whole wheat bread and hummus, plus Caramel Brownies. And then off to Italy for a Guiseppe's-inspired Vegetable Penne with Feta Sauce that the bride declared better (and lighter) than its inspiration. We wrapped things up in Cajun country with a frittata and these frozen chocolate croissants Trader Joe's sells that rise overnight and taste bakery fresh and therefore had me talking about their wonder nonstop all morning. No menfolk meant we carbed and veggied and desserted things up like crazy.

Anyway, back to Paris. We simplified a Salad Nicoise, which some research revealed involves placing veggies in different sections of a platter and drizzling dressing on top. We skipped the anchovies, and the tuna, and wintry veggies that would have to be boiled (potatoes and beets). And that was all we needed because our protein and carbs came from...

Housemade crepes filled with a chicken-asparagus-cream sauce mixture and topped with more of the same, only prettier. I mastered sweet crepes a while back, so I wasn't too scared to try this savory variety with my trusty nonstick pan. Ahhhmazingly delicious it was.

And now for the crown jewel that proved the bride has the best kind of friends because they all scraped and even licked their ramekins. Pots de Creme, y'all. It's a little high maintenance with the individual portions that must be bathed and baked for forever and individually covered and THEN chilled in the fridge (or the freezer to speed things up). But the decadence of chilled chocolate custard  that emerged had us all only talking about its amazingness during the duration of this course. It's kind of like a chocolate creme brulee without the torched top. Cut the richness with a dollop of freshly whipped cream and not one but three strawberries slices (thanks to Helen the hand model), and you will never eat dessert out again.