April 26, 2010

Three Things: Grilled Cheese

The powers that be declared April National Grilled Cheese Month, presumably so bloggers would have an occasion to talk about gooey cheesey sandwiches. Here are my three takes on the good ole grilled cheese. They're a bit more exciting than the Velveeta between Nature's Own bread I learned to make growing up but were made with the same basic stuff-butter-grill technique.

1. Goat Cheese, Sweet Goat Cheese
What: Goat cheese mixed with honey and lemon rind between raisin bread
Inspiration: A more sinful, more complex version from Cooking Light
Verdict: Honey and lemon enhance the uber-creamy, mild cheese with just enough sweetness that complements the grainy raisin bread. It was perfect for lunch with tomato basil soup .
Bias: I highly prize goat cheese.

2. Veggilicious
What: Sharp cheddar, avocado, and tomato between sourdough bread
Inspiration: The countless number of avocado and cheddar [cold] sandwiches and tuna melts I have made
Verdict: Crisp, buttery sourdough bookended the excellent summery flavor combo. Really, you could put any cheese and farmer's market bounty together for an equally good hot sandwich.
Bias: I love sharp cheddar. I love avocados. I love sourdough.

3. Fruit Tart
What: Brie, apple, and turkey between honey wheat bread
Inspiration: Fresh Market's Apple-Brie-Turkey Wrap + Upper Crust's Brie and Apple on Wheat + Brie and Bacon Baguette from some place in Oxford, England
Verdict: Buttery, creamy brie and tart Granny Smith apples marry well together, but white bread would have showcased their flavors more. The turkey was unnecessary but only made an appearance to start with to please my carnivorous father. Sweet potato fries made up for what was lacking in the color department.
Bias: I like Brie way more than turkey.

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