June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Menu

My fellow fellow (full-time intern) Lisa blogged about the Memorial Day feast we made at the lake last weekend over at You've Got to Taste This on MyRecipes.com. Check it out for a full run-down of our gouda-and-pear paninis, chocolate strawberry cupcakes, sangria, feta spread, grilled veggie pasta (pictured below), kiwi sorbet, and our attempt to burn off a few of those calories. The only thing Lisa left out in her vegetarianness was that the rest of the party put chicken on our pasta and prosciutto on our paninis    and the peach pancakes we had already polished off when she arrived.

I will blog about these recipes eventually. I tend to cook a bunch and then strew writing and producing posts them out over several weeks (and sometimes months). 

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