July 21, 2010

Food Thoughts: Are women who love to eat more attractive?

My latest beach read, Lunch in Paris: A Love Story with Recipes, engaged me with the author's narrative of falling in love with a Parisian and French food, but it was this gem of a paragraph stood out most to me: 

"The French have always known what I have long suspected; there is nothing sexier than watching a woman eat. Men love this. I'm positive I owe many a second date in New York to a chocolate cannoli or a late-night coupe of rice pudding with whipped cream." 
As a female who more than enjoys the art of eating, of course this line makes me smile, especially because most media seems to say that being attractive is all about being skinny and fit. 

Women seem to think that men think the opposite and that they must eat fewer calories in front of them to signal that they take care of their bodies, or so research in Canada and the UK found. But what do men really think? Google wouldn't give me a legit answer (yahoo answers don't count).

So, blog readers, where do you weigh in? (Don't be comment shy!) Are women who love food more attractive than those that think only about calories and eat mostly salad? Do you women eat differently around guys in general and/or on a first few dates?

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  1. Ooo, I love your question! And, of course, since I love to make and eat good food, and I do that with Josiah, I think it is a major point of attraction for both of us. I mean, really, where would we be if he had offered me hot dogs to eat at his house? Probably not getting married in three days! My conclusion is that it is not a gender-specific attraction, but it is definitely an attractive thing to eat well.


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