September 10, 2010

Drink: Pimm's Cup

Precious long summer days are gradually getting shorter, and I am not okay with it. Unlike 99% of the South, I don't agree that the advent of football season makes up for nighttime darkness commencing just when I am just being freed after the work day ends. So I am making the most of sunlight while it lasts and make sure to have summery food and drinks for Labor Day weekend, including Pimm's.

Sweet and fruity Pimm's tastes like summer. It's alcoholic but just barely so. Its signature ingredient, Pimm's No. 1, is a sweet, dark liquor that originated and is popular in England, and the Brits like to mix it with lemonade (what they call Sprite), fruit, mint, and cucumber.

After sipping on Pimm's for the first time in several years, I am not sure the drink is worth buying a whole bottle for. But on occasion I having it to reminisce cool summer nights in English pubs, where I first had the drink. This is all in keeping with the Pimm's parties my friends from my summer study program in England and I had upon returning to the States and discovering the liquor store carried Pimm's. Of course, chatting about Pride and Prejudice country and the quaintness of Oxford would make it all the better.

Pimm's Cup

Pimm's No. 1 Liquor
Strawberry slices
Orange slices

Mix one part Pimm's to 3 parts Sprite. Add ice, mint, and fruit. Prepare in a pitcher or individual glasses. Serve chilled. Enjoy.


  1. Don't you think it tastes better with British Lemonade though? You can also use gingerale. I'm not sure if it can ever a mixer in the US can measure up to what they use in Britain.
    About summer-feel free to come to Singapore! Warm all year round and the sun rises and sets at the same time all year round. win-win for you.

  2. Oh goodness - SO delish... def is better with "real" lemonade :) but sprite works in a pinch!


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