March 22, 2011

Why I Cook

Food 52's cooking manifesto inspired me to write one of my own. I resorted to my go-to framework for talking of food: overusing the word "love." This is the order I prioritize things in actuality, but if I lived how I want to live, my orientation would be flip-flopped.

Because I love good food.
Because crafting food shares love.
Because food (and creativity) comes from love (from God!).

 Cooking Love with Friends: Megan prepping some salmon and asparagus to grill.
Food 52's manifesto hits things I value spot-on too:

If you cook, your family will eat dinner together.
If you cook, you will naturally have a more sustainable household.
If you cook, you'll set a lifelong example for your children.
If you cook, you'll understand what goes into food and will eat more healthily.
If you cook, you'll make your home an important place in your life.
If you cook, you'll make others happy.
If you cook, people will remember you.

Why do you cook?

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