January 31, 2012

What I Learned at FoodBlogSouth

I spent last Saturday at FoodBlogSouth mingling with people who also love to talk food and blogging. What a delight! Here's what I learned (and ate)...
1. Drinking vinegar (like this pomegranate variety from Pok Pok Som) is a food trend as is:
-the return of niche bakers- proof: the cupcake trend won't go away
-a return to animal fats-amen, bacon
-packaging wild foods- look out for dried wild mushrooms
-sprouted grains- ancient wisdom meets raw foods
-yogurt- Greek, Kefir, love, love
-wholesome beverages- heard of coconut water but not yet Honest Cocoa Nova
(Source: Kara Nielson from the Center for Culinary Development)

2. Vegan meatballs can taste better than meat. Never thought I'd say that. (Source: Shindigs Catering's Food Truck's LA Meatballs (smoked mushrooms, beats and nuts, only really) over spaghetti squash.)
3. Ales should be drunken at a mid-50s temperature to bring out its flavors and notes. Also, I still don't like beer all that much, even though I really want to. No offense, Good People, because I so want to appreciate my local brewery. (Source: Ale Sharpton)
4. You get good loot from food blogging conferences. But if I blog about it, I need to disclose that I did in fact get it for free. So for the record, I got this stuff (plus Jim N Nick's cheese biscuit mix) for free. (Source: Dianne Jacob's ethics discussion)
Fancy ice cream from High Road Craft
5. I too can apply for a James Beard Award, because they have been democratized to consider us lowly food bloggers. Or so says the very cool Kat Kinsman, who edits CNN's Eatocracy and makes my heart pitter patter when she talks about compelling, fact-checked reporting and telling the the story only you can tell, ahhhh.

6. I want to volunteer with the Desert Island Supply Company so I can talk writing with generation next.
7. Food blogging conferences make a good excuse to finally make blog business cards. I created mine by using pasta boxes and cereal boxes. 


  1. Love this recap - it was such a great event.

  2. Wow! I didn't realize you got foodloot. Dang, I wish I had known.
    I'm sharing your blog link with a friend of mine that just got into
    computing because he wanted to learn more about cooking.


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