May 28, 2013

Mint-Lime Fruit Skewers

Comment 1: "It tastes like a mojito."
Then, in my head: Mint and lime, baby, spot on.

Comment 2: "I have never had this... (pause).... parsley on fruit before. It's good."
Then, in my head: Umm, savory parsley doesn't go so well with fruit. But good try.
I have to admit, it's fun to see what people say when you throw a surprise element at something simple like fruit.

My skewers were a good twist on tried-and-true fruit salad. The wooden sticks added some party-perfect visual flair. Lime and mint, not to be confused with herbal sister parsley, made it extra light and refreshing.

For a less time intensive prep version, forget the skewers and just eat it as Mint-Lime Fruit Salad. I made a giant fruit salad for an after-church potluck and then skewered up the prettiest pieces for an office baby shower. Win and win.

Mint-Lime Fruit Skewers

Assortment of fruit
Limes, juiced
Fresh mint, minced
Short wooden skewers

Toss fruit together with lime juice and mint. Poke fruit onto skewers as desired.

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