July 26, 2015

Summer Gratitude: 2015 Edition

This season I have been grateful for...

For grilled summer goodness salads, friends to enjoy them and sunsets to round out the perfection.
For the height of berry season and a celebratory Amaretto-and-cream-laden trifle worth repeating every year.

For composting reward system success.

For the Saturday night meal for two (or three or four) I have perfected, this time in one pan to-go.
For the best time in life to buy kitchen accessories for friends.
For coworkers awesome enough for me to want to create tedious chocolate chip typography on the best cupcakes ever.
For post-kitchen clean-out satisfaction that comes with the bitter-sweet of house transitions.

1 comment:

  1. All this food is looking very delicious. You know these chocolate cupcakes are very famous in DC. At many venues in DC this is their signature dish and I don’t know how everyone’s cupcakes are different from each other.


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