April 11, 2011

Of Holly, Pizza, and Passion

This is Holly. She quiet if you don’t know her. But get her talking about how she makes pizza, and she’ll smile and speak with humble passion.
Photo by 280 Living
She’s part of a team of two who opened aptly named Holly’s Pizzeria in Birmingham several months ago. She does all the cooking, and her partner waits on the tables. Both beam with reserved pride about owning their own place and serving Holly’s perfected pies. I got to tell their story this month in 280 Living. It was for my new daytime gig writing and editing for suburban community newspapers on 280, in Homewood, and in Mountain Brook. (I also get to write about things like recycling, charity parties in a special person's memory, and PGA tournaments (I really wrote about sports?).)

Truth be told, I kind of judge new suburbs against the greater character of architecture and non-chain restaurants and stores in more urban areas. Isn’t every suburb virtually the same? No, I’ve learned. Amongst the big box stores and neighborhoods with variations on like five floor plans are people with stories, just like the rest of the world and just like more cool urban neighborhoods. And hidden in a generic strip mall are two people bustin’ their butts seven days a week to pursue their passion: serving the most hearty thin crust pizza I’ve ever tasted. What a reminder me the gift of writing for the service of others!


  1. Is it in Greystone? I've heard of it.

  2. Bo, it is in Greystone at 119 and 280. More details here: http://280living.wordpress.com/2011/04/04/holly%E2%80%99s-pizzeria-restaurant-showcase/


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