June 22, 2011

Five-Ingredient Smoothie

I don’t buy smoothies from those smoothie chains. They claim it’s all-natural, but I don’t believe them. Once you get used to homemade ones with pure fruit and yogurt, you’ll become a smoothie snob like me. They don’t need sugar or supplements, just the real stuff.

My go-to recipe is simple: ripe banana, berries or other fruit (like peaches on this photo shoot day), ice, juice, and plain yogurt. Blend. Sip. Enjoy.
I know there are fancier combinations out there. Maybe I’ll try them one day. But for now, when my fruit starts to get too ripe for my uber-sensivity to the slightest bit of mushiness, I throw it in my smoothie maker for breakfast or a snack. It’s worth cleaning the blender afterward, especially if I actually clean or soak it immediately so the fruit pieces don’t get all annoying and stuck to the sides.

 A blend of fresh (or frozen) fruit taste especially wonderful when it’s hot outside and the last thing you want to eat is something heavy or hot.

How do you like to make smoothies?


  1. I JUST ordered a blender from Amazon and it arrived this week, you'd have thought I won the lottery by how excited I was. I've been experimenting with different combos but this morning's was the best so far, frozen bananas, fresh strawberries, pineapple, chia seeds and ice. I meant to throw in some yogurt and spinach but I forgot... oh well, there's always tomorrow! I need to find some Georgia peaches up here!

  2. Lisa, chia seeds? I'll have to look into those. Spinach sounds a bit green for a smoothie, but I'll have to try it sometime. Silly, did you not learn you need ALABAMA peaches up there (they're better than the Peach State)? You should come visit so you can have some fresh! Happy smoothie making to you.

  3. Mmmm. Peaches! I'm doing that soon.

    I generally buy a huge bag of frozen berries (frozen < fresh, but are easier to keep and a bit cheaper) and then mix in some berries with strawberry yogurt, banana, milk and every now and then some of the soft-ish fruit you mentioned. Smoothies for/with breakfast make the start of the day great!


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