April 2, 2012

Easter M&M Cookie Bars

The latest in my chocolate chip cookie obsession: Add a heaping cup of dark chocolate M&Ms to a cup of semi-sweet chips in Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars.
You might just have to bake another batch to replicate that perfect gooey texture in each square that you can't get with round spoons full of dough, no matter how much chocolate you add. Then you can pack them in a pretty tin, carry them onto a plane and share with friends in a far off land like Texas for  sugar power to survive, quite joyfully, hours of bridal shopping.
But first, take food photos in your backyard, even if their beauty might prevent you from being able to face a kitchen table shoot again.
Happy Easter week! May yours be filled with the darkness of the crucifixion and the hope and power of the Resurrection.

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  1. Those look good... too bad they didn't come to Memphis! Post something strawberry soon - we're strawberry picking this afternoon (assuming the Groupon people didn't get them all first! Why would they do a Groupon for strawberry picking and not let us get one first?). And, I agree, everything - especially food - looks better in natural light.

  2. Ooooooohhhhhhhh - i was lucky to enjoy the now Easter version of these early this week. Delicious!


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