July 20, 2009

Three Things: My Stove

Maple Macaroni blog phrase 2: vary content beyond just recipes with photos.
Step 1: three things posts providing commentary on, you guessed it, three things about the chosen topic.

Exhibit A: My Stove.
1. It's really old.  I guesstimate that it's a 1950s-ish model, but my limited research on old Vesta ovens was not very fruitful. It matches the apartment's claw-foot bathtub and well-worn wood floors. You literally have to light the oven with a lighter. And the lack of markers on the burners' dials forces you to learn to judge the amount of heat by the size of the flame.

2. It gets really hot. This comes is handy to quickly get something in the oven. I also capitalize on its heat when the radiators controlled in the building's basement are slow to warm up my space in cold weather. One time I was really cold and used a burner as a camp fire to warm my hands for a minute; that probably wasn't a good idea. However, the heat thing is a bit of a nuisance when baking without central air conditioning in the summer. 

3. It has made me love gas. It's on when it's on-- what a beautiful thing. I have learned that when it starts to smell like gas that I accidentally blew out the pilot light and must relight it. And most importantly, it bakes cookies just fine. I've even started to be okay that my jelly roll pan is too big to fit in its belly.

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