May 26, 2010

Tastecation: BBQ Joint Cheese Biscuit

In my 18-month stint living slightly outside the South, the food I missed most was barbecue, namely fall-apart-tender, smoky flavored pulled pork. But beyond pork, what excited me most about returning to Southern barbecue land was not meat or veggie; it was carb. Behold, the Jim 'N Nick's cheese biscuit. It's buttery, cheddary, savory with a touch of sweet, something you have to taste for yourself to truly appreciate. It's much more a muffin than a biscuit.

Jim 'N Nick's is not a grease-only hole-in-the-wall like most good barbecue joints; it serves a good Greek salad, like with dark greens and quality dressing, and has franchised its sit-down restaurant to almost thirty locations, including a few in Colorado (barbecue in Colorado?). But it did start in Birmingham, and I stop being a no-chain-food snob for a cheese biscuit or two or three.

Next step: Try making them myself. I found a recipe . Now I just have to convince the part of me that thinks they'll never be as tasty as the original.

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