August 10, 2009

Something New: Pattypan (aka Scallop) Squash

I was feeling a little adventurous while shopping at the farmer's market, and this funny-shaped guy just looked like a fun challenge. What in the world do you what I learned was called a pattypan squash?
My internet stalking of the vegetable revealed that the best way to make it tasty and show off its funky figure was by stuffing it. And so I roughly followed this recipe that several blogs had referenced. I had sausage, not bacon, so the end result was a combo of sausage, onion, bread crumbs and extra parmesan. 
The end product's color was bland, but its flavor was far from it. The stuffed center kind of tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing, which seemed a little out of place in the summer, and the squash was similar to regular ole yellow squash. My version also included  more onions than the average eater prefers (my love for the veggie trumps fears of being socially ostracized from said breath). 

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