October 15, 2009

Three Things: Veggie Snack Meals

Since starting to cook for myself on a regular basis, I have discovered just how tasty veggies can be when prepared the way I like them. Many of my meals consist of snack-like improvisations of veggies on hand. My favorites from this week are:
1. Sweet potato chries
A cross between chips and fries. Gotta love the orange goodness.
Bake sweet potato slices coated in olive oil and salt at 425 degrees for 10 minutes or until some begin to brown.
2. Five-Layer Dip
A healthier rendition of seven-layer dip, and it tastes just as good
Layer plain Greek yogurt, black bean hummus, chopped tomatoes and green pepper, black olives. I ate it with toasted tortilla coated in olive oil.

3. Kiwi-pecan salad
My favorite quick, candy-like salad
Salad greens, sliced kiwi, sugared pecans and Annie's Naturals Light Vinaigrette 

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