December 10, 2010

6 Cookies for Christmas

Christmas time is cookie time, and these are my favorites. Take out a couple of sticks of butter, bake you some cookies, eat a few while they're in their most perfect state (hot out of the oven), and share with special people in your life.
Wedding Cookies
For: People Who Put Butter on Everything
What: Buttery, powder sugar-coated shortbread with pecans

Peppermint Bonbon Cookies
For: Ones Who Start Celebrating Christmas in September
What: Soft, chocolate-intense cookie filled with peppermint pieces
Pecan Squares
For: Pecan Pie Aficionados
What: Shortbread crust topped with a slightly gooey toffee-pecan mixture (Ok, they're not really cookies. But bars are the next closest thing.)
Malted Chocolate Cookies
For: Those Who Can't Eat Just One Cookie
What: Colossal cookies packed with three kinds of chocolate and a secret ingredient

For: Crazies Who Prefer Something Other Than Chocolate
What: Chewy cookies with crisp edges, filled with not raisins but toffee pieces

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
For: Chocoholics
What: Rich brownie-like cookies that make a festive presentation


  1. I made some holiday cookies myself this weekend! I was reading one of my favorite food blogs (other than yours of course) and came across a recipe for Persimmon Spice cookies. I was very intrigued and decided to try them. I was nervous since I was using an ingredient I had NEVER used before, but my coworkers assured me they are "soooo yummy" :)

    Check them out here - perfect 'breakfast' cookies or not-too-sweet cookies to snack on while you sip your coffee :)

  2. Mmm, thanks for sharing, Lisa. And congrats on baking with butter. :)


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